14 year Old Boy AGF Wins Pro Division by Submitting 3 BJJ Black Belts

14 year Old Boy AGF Wins Pro Division by Submitting 3 BJJ Black Belts

J.R. Caballero. Remember this name. He is just 14 years old. He trains under Donny Blue in Pleasanton, Texas and has submitted numerous black belts in competition.

This past weekend he won AGF’s Pro Challenger Series by submitting three legit black belts, two of them in under a minute (heel hook, arm bar and flying triangle). He earned a trip to Amsterdam sometime in 2021 to compete for AGF’s Pro Challenger Series World Championships. This 14 year old teenage has only been training 4 years and is the future of Jiu-Jitsu..

J.R. wrote on his IG:

“Today I won the American Grappling Federation Nogi Challenger Series Pro Championship. I submitted all three black belts and won a trip to Amsterdam. I also received my blue belt on the podium from my professor @bluejitsu78

After winning the Challenger Series I competed in the Men’s Nogi Pro <175 division and won my first match against a purple belt by submission and won the finals match against a black belt by points.

Thank you to all my team @teambluejitsu and my main training partner @rpyssen for getting me ready for this tournament. Thank you to @bquickjiujitsu , Chris Carlino and @american_grappling_federation for putting on another amazing event and awarding all the challenger series winners with a trip to Amsterdam.

Also thank you to all my family and friends that always support me. I appreciate all the love, it’s motivating and makes me want to keep improving.”

In the final match he submitted another BJJ black belt with a flying triangle.


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