11 Ways to Add Value to Your BJJ Academy

11 Ways to Add Value to Your BJJ Academy

Photo by Tino Konino,  Frota Academy in Zurich, Switzerland.

Guest post by Brandon Gross, BJJ brown belt, instructor K-Team Martial Arts.

1. Come early to help greet others  ⁣(creates a friendly, family environment, and a good first impression for new students)

2. Stay after class to help sweep  and mop ⁣(chances are your instructor is tired from teaching, this is a big help)

3. Ask questions during class (there’s a chance someone else has the same question but is too embarrassed to ask) ⁣

4. Make genuine connections with others (people come for jiujitsu but stay for community) ⁣

5. Speak highly of your instructor(s), gym, and teammates on and off the mats ⁣(a gyms reputation depends on it)

6. Invite a friend to come to class with you (helps grow the gym, and it could end up changing someone’s life) ⁣

7. Take care of yourself (healthy able bodied students are a huge asset) ⁣

8. Keep trying to grow (all ships rise with the tide, as your game grows so will others) ⁣

9. Drill a move until your instructor says to stop (this helps create a culture of hard work, when others see you training hard it makes them want to do the same)⁣

10. Volunteer to help out at kids class (it’s always nice to have an extra adult to help guide students, even if you’re not qualified to teach) ⁣

11. Ask your instructor how else you can help out!