10 Tips for Surviving your first BJJ Class

10 Tips for Surviving your first BJJ Class

Are you up for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? If yes, then this post is for you. You must know some common spikes before you start your journey in a BJJ class. The first time is always challenging to break every nut into pieces. Let’s find ten hit tips to look at if you want to survive your first BJJ class.

  1. Learn the rules of BJJ

It is always important to understand the rules of a game if you want to make a real-time impact on it. Bjj has 17 main rules to follow. It will be helpful if you take a trainer or coach to demonstrate them clearly on the field. You can also check the rules of BJJ on the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s website.

  1. Clean yourself

Once you are fully aware of the rules of the game, it’s now time to prepare yourself. First things first! You should start with good hygiene. You should take a bath, brush teeth, and use deodorant. No wonder your opponent might feel bothered by your bad odors. Also, this is an important part of etiquette before you hit the mats hard.

  1. Cut your fingernails and toenails

If you have sharp nails in fingers and toes, then this could be a really big problem. You don’t really want to slice your opponents unless or until you have personal issues with them. It is not only a bad cut that creates wounds and pain only; it may lead to more severe problems.

Another issue with sharp nails is they may cut clothes. Yes, clothes of both- you or your opponents. So, it would be better if you cut sharp knives of yours.

  1. Try rash guard 

Rash guards are special clothes that are most suitable for no-gi BJJ practitioners. They are made of spandex and lycra and are designed to fit tightly to the body. Why is it important? Well, unlike others, they are stretchier and offer a wide range of motion to the users.


Is that all? No, the rash guard is designed to absorb moisture and keeps you cool throughout. Another prime reason for using this is to protect you from all sorts of itching. It protects you from mat burns too. That can always happen if there is excessive friction between skin and mat. You can see examples of rash guards over at MMAstation.com.

  1. Bring a friend or a family member

The first time is never easy to find a rhythm in any event you try. So, to gain mental support, it would be wise to bring a friend or family member with you someone who can cheer you up and make you feel light out of big stresses. Lucky are those who have people supporting them in times of their need. Try to pick the best companion of yours.

  1. Learn to tie belt properly

It may be a thousand times that you have put a belt earlier. Unlike those, this BJJ belt is different. They are colorful with different ranks and do not have holes to put pins onward. The journey from white to black belt can take ten years. 

It is better to learn how to tie it properly before you start your mission. For that, you can choose an expert or search YouTube for better guidelines. If you tie it tightly, then you may feel uncomfortable. Also, a loose tie won’t give you the confidence on the mat.

  1. Try to arrive early

If you are late in your first class of BJJ, then surely, you will lose confidence. In addition, the master or your trainer won’t count that good on the first impression. You also need to make yourself relax in the class environment. Do a bit of chit-chat and make your classmates be more intimate with you. That will surely relieve some of your stress.


Other than that, it would be better if you make a habit of this. Discipline is always the first line of success. So, put that on a clear note of importance.

  1. Do not take shortcuts

Some people always have shortcut ideas. In reality, they do not work much. Yes, they may have an impact on your short-term performance but not in the long run. If you want to learn it deeply, then you must take longer routes. Remember, a masterstroke does not generate in one day. It is a hard toil of long patience.


On another note, it is also important to understand the entire mechanism clearly. You cannot master any move quickly. So, take adequate time to achieve the best quality of your work.


  1. Take off all jewelry items

Almost all of us put some jewelry on the body. If you are using a ring, bracelet, or watch, then put them aside before you sweat. You don’t need to put unnecessary weight while you are in-game. Besides, they can also cause bleeding in unwanted cuts. Yes, cuts on both sides- that is not the only opponent but also you are in the range of danger.


On another note, no one is really bothered about the glory of your watches or the shine of bracelets. So, there is no big reason for show-off when you are engaged in a game.


  1. Keep believing in yourself

The first rule of all success is to believe in you. It does not matter that you are heavyweight, short, teen, or still in grade school. You must believe that you can. Once you believe, you are half the way of your reach. No need to get disturbed on your failures. Keep working, and keep believing that you can. Surely, a light is waiting out there at doors.


In a nutshell, a positive start goes a long way in achieving your target. Many of us actually start things without preparation. If you are aware and plan a bit of a journey, then and only then, you may bring out the positive vibes.

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