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Buchecha Talks IBJJF Grand Prix And Plan for ADCC -“I’m Prepared For Everything”

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What Does The Way You Roll Say About Your Personality

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ADCC: 88 KG Division Preview

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Leandro Lo’s Model Girlfriend Fell In Love With Jiu Jitsu- Ended Up In MMA Bout

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Georges St.Pierre Saw His Childhood Bully On the Street


Rafael Lovato Jr with Dan Faggella: “Let’s Change the Rules of BJJ.”

Grapplers Quest Amsterdam Introduces A Team Challenge

Marcio ‘Pe De Pano’ Cruz: “When I Went To MMA, I Lost My BJJ.”

Marcelo Garcia Will Not Compete @ ADCC 2013

2013 Worlds Training Camps: Atos JJ (Video Documentary)

2013 Worlds Training Camps: Gracie Humaitá Women (Video Documentary)

Rafael Lovato Jr Video Interview About Becoming Absolute Champion In Brazil

Japanese/Brazilian Champs Marcos & Satoshi Souza: “We Are Joining Team Atos.”

Clark Gracie: “I Don’t Feel The Need To Fight MMA. The Mission Of My Family Has Been Fulfilled: Defending Jiu-Jitsu Against Other Martials.”

After The Pan Ams, The 2013 Worlds Will Also Test For PEDs

Ryan Hall On His Metamoris 2 Match-Up With Bill Cooper: “Bill Can Beat Anybody In The World On Any Given Day.”

Cancellation Of ‘The Kraken Contest’

Caio Terra 2013 Worlds Camp (Documentary)

Felipe Costa Teaching Jiu-Jitsu In Chechnya (Documentary)

Interview With Federico Tisi, Italy’s First BJJ Black Belt

Slovakia’s Michal Sobolič On Training In Abu Dhabi, BJJ In Slovakia & His Academy Gracie Barra Pitbull Nitra

Caio Terra Set To Compete At Light feather @ 2013 Worlds & Face Gui Mendes.

Leo Vieira: “Lack Of Organization & Offshoot Teams Like Atos Separating from Us, Is What Has Kept Checkmat From Being The N.1 Overall Team.”

FILA (World Wrestling Federation) Drops Grappling & Amateur MMA

Luke Rockhold: “I Turned Down My Black Belt In Jiu-Jitsu, To Try To Win The Worlds At Brown.”

Marcus Buchecha Seminar In Amsterdam, June 13th.

Exclusive Interview With Gracie Barra Switzerland’s Igor Araujo

Gui Mendes: “I Have A More Versatile Game Than My Rivals. 90% Of Lightweights Only Fight From The Bottom.”