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List Of Women’s BJJ Gis

List Of Women’s BJJ Gis
Atama Womens Gi

Atama Womens Gi


The women’s BJJ gi segment is still a niche market. How is a woman’s BJJ gi different from a regular one? It’s basically the same thing except for some different designs and colors (pink, purple or flower patterns) Some of the prices will depend on the websites where they are sold on. Be sure to also check out the original manufacturer’s website.

Source: GiReviews.net

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Women’s Gis Under $120

fuji pink blossom gi

fuji pink blossom gi

Fuji (Pink/White) – MMA OutletBudovideosFighters Market

Break Point Women’s Lightweight (White/Black) – MMA OutletBudovideos

Tatami Zero G Midas (Black&Gold) – Fighters Market

Tatami Estilo 2.0 (White/Blue) – Fighters Market

Kingz Women’s 420 (White/Blue/Black) – BudovideosFighters Market

Fenom – Budovideos

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Women’s Gis $140-$170

black eagle predadora womens bjj gi

black eagle predadora bjj gi

Gameness Women’s Feather (White/Violet) – Fighters Market

Black Eagle Predadora (White/Blue) – Fighters Market

Keiko Raca Women’s Gi (White/Blue/Pink) – Fighters Market

Fushida Comp LS (White/Black) – Fushida

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Women’s Gis $175-$220

storm women sakura gi kimono

Storm Sakura kimono

Storm Sakura (White) – BudovideosFighters Market

Storm Nightshade (Black) – BudovideosFighters Market

OTM Women’s Gi (White w/ Teal or Pink) – Budovideos

Atama Women’s Mundial 9 (White/Blue/Black) – Fighters Market

Atama Signature Kyra Gracie Gi (Pink) – Fighters Market

Atama Signature Leticia Ribeiro Gi (White) – Fighters Market

Vulkan Pro Light (White/Lilac) – MMA OutletBudovideosFighters Market

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  1. venum

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  2. Sprawl

    You should add the women’s Hemp Ecstasy Gi http://www.submissionfc.com/bjj-gikimonos/submission-women-s-hemp-ecstasy-gi-detail

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