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Former WWE Wrestler Dave Batista Promoted To BJJ Purple Belt By Cesar Gracie

Former WWE Wrestler Dave Batista Promoted To BJJ Purple Belt By Cesar Gracie



Former World Wrestling Entertainment star Dave Batista started Cesar Gracie in 2010. He was yesterday promoted to BJJ purple belt by Gracie. This follows his evolution in BJJ when he was promoted to blue belt in 2011. Batista  wrestled in high school and has some background in traditional martial arts standup fighting.

This is what Gracie told Sherdog.com back when Batista started BJJ in 2010:

 “He’s a natural athlete. He’s got a lot to learn but his strength alone is impressive. Obviously he’s a beginner at jiu-jitsu but we can take a guy like that that’s already a strong athlete like that and teach him what to not get caught in. You’re talking about a guy who is very powerful, very strong and an extremely hard worker, and if he can put it all together he could be a very formidable force. And he’s at the right camp for that… Our camp is known for bringing people with nothing and making them into something. We like to make champs.”

Batista’s martial arts base was Kali, and after taking up Muay Thai and jiu jitsu several years ago, it become his passion. He originally intended to make the BJJ gym private, a place near his home where he could train, but then decided to open it to the public. He’s now training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi so that he can attain rank. His goal is to someday become a Cesar Gracie black belt.

Batista, Nick Diaz, Cesar Gracie

Batista, Nick Diaz, Cesar Gracie

Batista grappling:






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3 thoughts on “Former WWE Wrestler Dave Batista Promoted To BJJ Purple Belt By Cesar Gracie

  1. Milo Garcia

    In the picture where he is wearing the gi, first of all, the gi is not correctly worn. The belt also isnt correctly tied. So, that makes us think he has his purple belt for fame. Please, lets not make BJJ a discipline like karate, where you cant take yout black belt in 2 years. SAY NO TO MACDOJOS, even if they have the name Gracie.

  2. Mike

    Dude who gives a shit how he is wearing his belt or gi. I am a purple belt too (I was a blue belt for 4 years!) and I still don’t tie my belt correctly and usually throw it off 10 min into training!! Ceasar Gracie bjj is the furthest thing from a mcdojo there is, and if you knew anything about bjj you would know that.

  3. J Park

    If you watch his belt promotion video Cesar Gracie ties the belt on him. So you should go tell Cesar how to tie a belt on someone since you already judged someone before even meeting him.

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