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FILA (World Wrestling Federation) Drops Grappling & Amateur MMA

FILA (World Wrestling Federation) Drops Grappling & Amateur MMA


With the election of the new FILA president, Nenad Lalovic of Serbia, comes a new decision that will affect the Jiu-Jitsu community: FILA have decided to drop Grappling and Amateur MMA:

Source: www.fila-official.com

“The Congress confirmed the decision of the FILA Bureau for the elimination of Grappling and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts as recognized styles of wrestling under FILA management. Existing contracts for events, such as the upcoming World Championships in Canada, will be honored. However, FILA will not host events in these styles after this year. Pankration and Beach Wrestling will remain as non-Olympic styles of wrestling under FILA’s jurisdiction.

For the first time, FILA invited the media to attend and cover the FILA Congress. There were 94 media members from 43 outlets who were accredited for the event.”

FILA had been holding regular regional tournaments culminating in a yearly world championship for Grappling Gi and No Gi, Amateur MMA and Pankration. This news comes as Wrestling and FILA is fighting for its place to stay in the Olympics. 

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