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Wanderlei Silva: ‘I’ll Fight Chael Sonnen In Metamoris’

Wanderlei Silva: ‘I’ll Fight Chael Sonnen In Metamoris’



Chael Sonnen’s participation at Metamoris has gooten a lot of people talking. With Sonnen now retired from MMA, Wanderlei Silva told Submission Radio that he wants a piece of Sonnen in…Metamoris, in a grappling match:

“I think him and Belfort are just the two good fights that have a reason to happen for me. This is bad for everyone, bad for him, bad for me, bad for the fans who want so much that fight. But I’m gonna (be) waiting for him. He (Chael Sonnen) has just one way to fight, just take down then on the top of the ground. And for me, I try to knock out, you know. I like to fight (in the) stand up and that what was happen. I’m gonna try to knock him out, he would try and hold me the whole round. Yeah [I’ll fight him in Metamoris], why not? I never think about that but I think it’s a good idea.”



Wanderlei got his BJJ black belt from Cristiano Marcello (Royler Gracie) a few years ago.

Watch the rare Jiu-Jitsu roll between Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Vianna (2x world champion) in the Gi. How do you think he would fare against Sonnen in a grappling match?






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