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(Rumors in Brazil) Minotauro Nogueira On Anderson Silva’s Loss: “If people knew what really happened in the defeat of Anderson, they would be disgusted.”


Some Brazilian Media are all over the rumors that Anderson Silva threw the fight against Chris Weidman. They are just rumors and should be treated as such. Here is a translation of what some Brazilian sources are saying. However we cannot find an official statement of Minotauro saying that in English or in Portuguese. This goes however in the same direction as the recent statement from mmafighting.com that Anderson Silva wants to rematch Chris Weidman again after all and wants the fight to happen soon as possible and this for a million dollar paycheck.

Source: UFC Bahia:

“Minotauro has declared the following statement: “If people knew what really happened in the defeat of Anderson, they would be disgusted.”
All Brazilians were shocked and saddened by Anderson having lost the belt in Vegas. But they don’t need to be. What is discussed below is the news firsthand being investigated by radio and newspapers throughout Brazil and some foreigners, specifically Wall Street Journal and Sports Gazette and the media should be released soon, and the evidence will confirm the facts.

Rumor: Anderson Silva SOLD the UFC belt. The fighter’s staff was advised, at 1:00pm on July 6 (Fight Day), at a meeting involving Dana White, Pedro Rizzo and Mr. Lorenzo Fertitta. At first they were very upset, and Anderson refused to sell the belt.

The acceptance came through the full payment of premiums, US$70K for each member of staff, plus a bonus of U.S$400K for the whole team, a total of US$23 million by Nike. Still, Anderson refused to participate.

Their situation was only resolved after the representative of Nike threatening to withdraw its lifelong sponsorship of the fighter, valued at more than US$90 million throughout his career. Thus, it was agreed that Anderson would be defeated by points, but the apathy that befell the fighter made Chris Weidman, who absolutely did not participate in this negotiation, TKO Anderson.

Dana White applauded the team collaboration of Silva, since the change of belt has brought balance to the category.”

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58 thoughts on “(Rumors in Brazil) Minotauro Nogueira On Anderson Silva’s Loss: “If people knew what really happened in the defeat of Anderson, they would be disgusted.”

  1. Thiago Werneck Ribas

    Que merda de Texto … è o mesmo texto que a galera usa quando perdem no Futebol … Foi Usado quando Brasil perdeu a Copa … Quando o Corinthians ganhou do Boca Juniors , Eh Zueira isso aí … e a galera fica postanto em sites … pesquise antes de puplicar !!!!!

  2. Come on son

    Bunch of BS from the butthurt fans, He showboat thus he got KO, if it is a fixed fight he could easily let Weidman tap him out in the first round.

    1. Think harder

      If he’s going to throw the fight, he has to make it look like he’s not throwing. You don’t think it would look odd for him to get tapped out in the first round? There’s a reason the negotiation included the outcome of the match coming down to loss by points.

    2. anderson bored

      I think he might have thrown that fight seeing how he acted. But I don’t think that’s how it was supposed to end.

  3. Chael Sonnen

    Oh look, it’s the Brazilians whining some more about there poster boy being beaten. Chris Weidman knocked his head off, fair and square. Maybe if Anderson concentrated on his opponent instead of dancing like an asshole he’d of…ooh wait no, he’d still of lost. Weidman beat him, no fix, no controversy, no close decision. He legitimately knocked out Anderson silva. Quit whining and get of the internet brazil.

    1. niall power

      come on man you must an idiot! coming from a neutral point of view if Anderson silva fought how he should have I can almost say for definite he would have won that fight. I don’t think he threw or anything like that and probably got what was coming but he would have won hands down.

    2. Marco

      Fist of all if this is really Chael Sonnen, you really need to learn how to spell better. 1. It’s “their poster boy,” not “THERE poster boy.” 2. It’s “he would still have lost,” not “he’d still of lost.” 3. and finally it’s “get off the internet Brazil,” not “get of the internet brazil.” Why don’t you get off the internet Chael Sonnen and start training harder so you can actually win a real fight for a change.

    3. Adam

      Chael Sonnen…..whats your record for holding a belt again…? im sorry, just confused as to why a bitch ass, shit talking over rated fucking fighter would ever have any room to talk like you do, Chael Sonnen is a joke.

    4. Spawn

      I agree with Chal…..Its a KO …If Silva said well if I have to lose I gonna showboat and get KOd ??/ I doubt it…

    5. Matthew Lentzkow

      Thank you Chael. I live in an area loaded with boxers and they are all crying to. The thing is Wrestler can strike! Deal with it world.

    6. anderson bored

      yea chael he won but next time he won’t. If anderson decides to Fight with a sence of urgency there’s no way weidman can beat Anderson. I watched that fight, I still don’t think weidman can Beat anderson. I’m actually glad he lost, because now he won’t be Playing around. Back to kicking ass as usaul “chael” if know what I Mean.

  4. Nik

    This is a delirious conspiracy theory. Why would the UFC and fertitas risk all their USA based licensing, for a fixed fight? How is it ever worth the risk? Makes no sense to me. sounds like more third world conspiracy theory stuff.

    1. Anderson Weidman

      7-1 betting .. odds stacked against weidman.. the fertitas would put everything on weidman.. instant new production money ++

  5. VInce

    Clowning or not, Weidman can still beat Silva. Just watch how dominant he is on round 1 and I think he can keep it up for the whole fight. Weidman can also do what Chael did with better submission, he is also known for tapping out black belts and he out-wrestled Mark Munoz, what more of Silva who is not a wrestler.

    1. anderson bored

      No vince, you saw a man that made a mistake. Prior to that Weidman was getting controlled standing up. He had to take him Down to try and beat him. Give me a break weidman got lucky As u can see gongrats to weidman but that won’t happen again If they step in that octagon again. That’s why I like anderson he Don’t take people down. That sucks takedowns are for fighers Who can’t use their fist properly. That’s what I don’t like about The ufc. That is going to ruin the sport. That takedown shit “chael” Its cheap lay on people on the floor and win. “gsp” type shit too, it Sucks. “takedowns are cheap”

  6. Caio

    I’m brazilian and I haven’t seen any trustable source posting this. This a joke, brazilians don’t know how to accept a loss.

  7. Jamie

    Weidman knocked him out fair n square, now they are making up so much BS just to make Anderson feel better, first he says he don’t fight for the belt no more, now he says he wants a rematch ASAP, that’s what Weidman wanted from the beginning, get the rematch on, just so Weidman can beat his arse again

  8. j

    What the guy above said: this is an infamous text about the Brazil soccer team’s 3-0 loss to France during the 1998 World Cup. Some retard adapted it (replacing key words like “Brazil” to “Silva” and “defeated in overtime” to “defeated by points”) and spread it around.

  9. Mike

    I could totally believe that. Anderson fought like he wanted to get knocked out or something. He has dropped his hands against way bigger opponents and still knocked them out. He hardly throw any punches in the entire fight. Once they got off the ground and Weidman couldn’t take him down anymore, it looked like the fight was over for Weidman. By the middle of round one, Weidman looked out of options. Weidman couldn’t even finish Alessio Sakara after ground and pounding him for 3 rounds! Whoever thinks Silva fought to win that fight needs to go and watch how he beat the crap out of Chael Sonnen or Dan Henderson. Both fights are exact carbon copy of the Weidman fight in the first round, except this time Silva wanted to get knocked out!

  10. Thiago Souza

    This text is a joke, literally a joke. People use it everytime a brazilian team loses, they only change the people who lost and the one who got disgusted. haha

  11. Laura

    You really think the UFC and Nike and everyone involved would risk everything and do something like this? It is just an excuse for Anderson Silva being caught acting like a fool and then getting knocked out. It would bring all of UFC down, not to mention Nike. There is no way in hell this is a true story.

  12. Mac

    jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaaaaaaaa jajajajajajajjajajajajajaaaajajajajaaaa jaja ooohhhhhh What a losers. Just except that The Monkey Spider Silva LOOOOOOOOST He LOST and that’s all. Except it.

    1. Daniel

      Why do you insist in calling Anderson Silva a monkey? are you racist? I bet you are a f… Nerd that never had balls to face any fight neither girls, and waste you whole life in front of a computer… I’m not saying that this news is true or inly a rumor, but I’m sure you would shit your pants if you would have to face Anderson Silva… We have to respect each other independent of our colour, religion or anything else… GO TO BED KID!

  13. Mac

    That dumb Monkey Spider likes to full around and show off. So he got what he deserved. Lucky punch or not, he was the first to hit him this hard. I don’t thing the Monkey wanted to get knock out, he didn’t expect it. That happens when you fool around. Lets see what happens in the rematch. Hope he starts respecting his opponents.

  14. Tibiri

    I might have believed, just might, if it wasn’t because Nike was brought into the picture. Why would Nike want one of his money makers lose and directly hurt their sales?

  15. André

    This news is fake! It´s all made up. It´s from a fake news about the 1998 World Cup. They just changed the names of the characters. You should do a better research the next.

  16. jose

    mmbah Silva got knock the fuck out finally some one kick his Brazilian ass now it’s all about excuses and rumors of sellout

  17. BillyDee

    Geez… you guys really believe that a UFC championship match is set by whoever fights best? It’s always about the money in every fight, just like boxing. The same BS of wrestling but sold as the real thing. If involves money, it’s never the real thing.

  18. Jo Blow

    Haha… wow you really think the UFC, Dana White, Nike and the whole department would risk a multimillion dollar company on involving so many people on fixing a fight? Not saying fixing fights don’t happen. But they are usually very discrete and don’t involve outside sponsors or departments. $90M to Nike is a drop in the bucket. Not enough in it for them to risk a solid name brand. Cmon people.

  19. diosdado llosala

    hey marco and adam, better stop talking. chael sonnen is right. he could have beaten anderson during their fight if not for that submission. regarding the Weidman fight, its clear that he had won the first round. actually, the faking that Anderson did was intended to show that he was not hurt, but actually he was. that is the reason that he was hit hard once more and got KOd.

  20. Mike

    If that is a fact why don’t you sue Dana White, et al. It is illegal to fix a game and the integrity of UFC and MMA is on the line. Now if you don’t have the facts nor the courage to file a suit, just shut up and let us wait for the title defence of Weidman. I thought they were all honorable MMA fighters, they were just like a bunch of whinning brats…

  21. Rafael

    Anderson best in the world Mother fuckers he always respect opponents but never made a comment about him loosing wish he did in weidman fight , he never insist on his opponent to touch his title hi did with weidman at press con he never show boat like he just did !!!!! Every time he puts his hands down seconds letter he would fuck up his opponent , he had many chance never throw a punch !!! Come on man only legs Kik that is not anderson !!!!! You all know that !!!!!! He is patient you can see it on the first chael sonnen fight he keep calm even when he is getting punch and loosing , how come he didn’t on weidman fight ! You all flat out of you fucking mind if you don’t realized this!!! I am not saying he can’t losse of course he can be is human and getting old!!! But just cause u don’t like the guy or cause he is not you nationality Just for that don’t be fucking blind !!! He is a beast!!!!!

  22. Dumb fucks

    This is fucking absolutely stupid. None of it makes sense. Nike paid 23 million for there sponsored fighter to drop the fight? Yeah fucking right. And Dana white was ” applauding him for his team collaboration” please shut the fuck up ask accept that Anderson lost the fucking fight, he’s not invincible. And so was his leg snapping in the rematch apart of the deal too? Shit the fuck up idiots

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