White Belt Teaching BJJ Gets 5 Year Restraining Order For Putting Girlfriend in Chokeholds

White Belt Teaching BJJ Gets 5 Year Restraining Order For Putting Girlfriend in Chokeholds



Scott Davis is a martial arts instructor from Rochester, Kent. He met his former partner on the Plenty of Fish dating site back in 2012.

However this is where the story takes a disturbing turn, according to Maidstone Crown Court reports published by the sun he quickly started controlling her.


The 32 year old Davis would order the girlfriend to obey him and “drew her into a submissive and dominant relationship”.

Davis had some jiu-jitsu training

Davis was a martial arts instructor at  Lockdown Academy of Jiu jitsu and Shoot fighting. According to their website:

Or Lockdown Academy for short, here we teach both Gi and No-gi grappling arts to all levels of student. With a mixed martial arts back ground of Wado-Ryu Karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu, submission wrestling, Shoot fighting and Sambo to name but a few we hope to bring you the best in Grappling art and help you evolve in a world where the ground fight game is becoming more and more vital to not only the combat sportman but offer skills that can help you with its real life application for self defence.

Davis would teach bjj according to pictures in spite of being a white belt:


During one attack Davis’ then girlfriend was choked so hard she lost consciousness. In addition to this the court also heard about the thumblocks he would put her in to make sure she did as he ordered.

The court heard Davis ordered his victim to dye her hair red and wear dresses as part of his controlling behavior, and that he regularly slapped and bullied her into doing what he wanted.

Davis was jailed for 10 months, but was released this week after serving six months on remand – and was given a five-year restraining order banning him from any contact with his ex-partner.