Ricardo Liborio Praises Rodolfo Vieira's MMA Debut

Ricardo Liborio Praises Rodolfo Vieira’s MMA Debut

Ricardo Liborio Praises Rodolfo Vieira’s MMA Debut



The head of American Top Team Ricardo Liborio is quite satisfied with the show Rodolfo Vieira put on at his inaugural MMA fight.


The worst place in the world, to be 😁 O pior lugar do mundo para estar. @rodolfovieira89

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Of course Vieira managed to secure a text book victory in round 1. He quickly took Zarylbek down, got the mount and landed several shots. When Zarylbek tried to escape, Vieira got the back and secured the rear naked choke.

You can see slightly better footage of the fight below:

Liborio spoke about the Vieira triumph:

 “It was very well done. He did not run away from the root, he shortened the distance well, and I think that’s going to be it for a long time. We will use the basics without running away from what Jiu-Jisu is for MMA. He has the ability to improve much more, “said Liborio, who praised the GFTeam champion’s character.

“He’s a really good guy. Who does not know Rodolfo should seek to know more about the person and the athlete. He respects all opponents. The Buchecha was there today, for example. He is the anti-marrrento, the anti-hero of this generation of fighters nowadays. He has a wonderful heart, and a genius without comparison in the sport. This boy is very far, “he said to Graciemag.