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Bullshido: Meet Grão Mestre Rayllamm, 7th Degree Black Belt In ‘Grappling’

Bullshido: Meet Grão Mestre Rayllamm, 7th Degree Black Belt In ‘Grappling’


You’ve got to see this to believe it. Grand Master Rayllam from Brazil has 12 black belts including an unheard of 7th degree black belt in grappling (sic).


He is an “expert” in the following Muay Thai, Self Defense, Krav Maga, Bodyguard Security Police Method (new method) and therapy techniques Chinese (Massage Therapy, Holistic, Tui-Na, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Massage Therapy, Bambuterapia, among others).
s in Japan



His credentials, from the site  http://www.grandesmestresmarciais.com.br/?p=mestres&cat=12&id=280

· Grand master of kung-fu 7th Thuen
· Grandmaster of Muay-Thai gold Kruang
· Master grappling black belt 7th dan red tip
· Professor of kick-boxing black belt 4th degree
· Professor of MMA black belt 5th dan
· Teacher of Tai Chi Chuan
· Professor of Jiu-Jitsu 1st Dan
· Teacher of aikido black belt 5th dan
· Professor of personal defense black belt 5th dan
· Teacher security guard back method policeman 6th dan
· Teacher Centre located Chinese
· Professor of Krav Maga 5th dan
· Technical Chinese oriental massage
· Technical bamboo massage therapy
· Technician holistic therapeutic massage tui-ná reflexology and shiatsu
· Instructor eastern yoga



Interesting way to disarm a gunman: with a flying scissor attack and shrimping on the floor!


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10 thoughts on “Bullshido: Meet Grão Mestre Rayllamm, 7th Degree Black Belt In ‘Grappling’

  1. Arlindo Baião

    Alem de ser uma enganação isso poe a vida das pessoas em risco uma vez que acreditam ser funcional criando a ilusão de estar seguro em situações como essa. Um "professor" desse deviria ser preso.

  2. Antonio Kendo

    Concordo! https://www.facebook.com/bujutsumag/photos/a.1390755687816083.1073741828.1390462231178762/1401234130101572/?type=1&permPage=1

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