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Bullshido: Meet Gilberto Pauciullo, 10th Degree Black Belt Master In ‘Mexed Martial Arts’

Bullshido: Meet Gilberto Pauciullo, 10th Degree Black Belt Master In ‘Mexed Martial Arts’



The MMA world has a new Master!

Meet Shang-Men-Rem Prof.Gilberto Pauciullo from Italy. He has an incredible 22 10th degree black belts which include five in Jiu-Jitsu alone, and one in ‘mexed martial arts’ (sic).

Normally mixed martial arts fighters and coaches don’t follow a belt system like traditional martial arts, but Grand Master Pauciullo brings it to a whole new level.

Source: mma.tv who uncovered this story

Find out more about him:

Official Certificates:
11Th Duan – Man seer Kung Pai Kung Fu.
10Th Dan – Katory Yama RyuJu-Jutsu.
10Th Dan – Okonawa Go JuRyu.
10Th Dan – Street Rapid Defense System.
10Th Dan – WOSD/Kapap System.
10Th Dan – Self-Defense.
10Th Dan – Agni Kempo.
10Th Dan – I.F.Knife Fighting System.
Grade A – Hanshi – Soubukai Karate-Do / Japan-Tokyo.
10Th Dan – Ju-Boxing Full Contact.
10Th Dan – Shin KakutoJutsu-Hanshi.
10Th Dan – Gung Chi Pai Gung Fu System.
10Th Dan – Ju-Hitsu .AJJIF.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .IJJF.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .ACJJ.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .UAJJ.
10Th Dan – Martial Arts Police Method.
10Th Dan – Makoto Ryu Ju-Jitsu.
10Th Dan – Bu-JutsuSigung.
10Th Dan – Mexed Martial Arts.
10Th Dan – SERCSU.
10Th Dan – DIM MAK.
10Th Dan – Nefusen Submission Ju-Jitsu.
10Th Dan – Vietnamese Combat Martial Arts.
Si Gung Wing Chun – IntYp Man martial Arts Sifu Council.
Si Gung Chi Kung .
9Th Dan – Ken Jitsu.
9Th Dan – Tatsu Seiki Kikou-Do.
9Th Dan – Kamishin Kai Ju-Jitsu.
9Th Dan – Karate-Do.
9Th Dan – PioyEskrimaS.Miguel de Abanico Ming Sune Do.
9Th Dan – Chinese Kempo.
9Th Dan – Kokusai Sin JutsuKempo Kai.
Muk Yan Chong – Wing Chun Institute.
Chi Sao – Wing Chun Institute.
8Th Dan – Judo.
8Th Dan – Kimuchino Aikido.
7Th Dan – A.O.S. Tai Chi System.
7Th Dan – Ashihara Bu-Do kai.
7Th Dan – Ting Ho Dao.
7ThDuan – Shaolin Yang Sheng Fa.
7Th Dan – OSTCS.
6Th Dan – SeishinryokuGoju Kick Boxing.
6Th Dan – Kendo.
6Th Dan – OSR Karate-Do.
2Nd Dan – Sakibo.
Master of MARMA ADI.
Master of KAPAP – Level B – cert.n:704788.
Master of Military – Police Special Force.
Master of Special Commando Force – S.O.G.
Master Expert of KravMaga.
Master Expert of Close Combat System.
Depositary Master of Italian Traditional Knife.
Depositary Master of Italian Hand Weapons Combat System.

President or member of the board of the following:
Italy All Martial Arts Federations.
World Man Seer Kung Pai Kung Fu Academy Confederation.
World League of Martial Arts – K.I.M.
It.Fil. Knife Fighting System.
United Nations Medicine Association – Oriental Medicine.
International Karate ShinkakutoJutsu Federation.
World All Martial Arts Federation.
Martial Arts Olympic – MAO SPORTS.
Italia All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation.
All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation AJJIF.
All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation AJJIF.
All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation AJJIF.
Istitute per le TradizioniMarzialiItaliane.
International Ju-Jitsu Federation .IJJF .
International Kimuchino Aikido Federation.
Italia Raven Tactical System.
International Kung Fu Federation.IKF.
World Organization of the Self-Defense.
AIK Kapap Tactical School.
Krav Maga System R.O.K.S.
World SokeshipSeishinryoku Kay .I.O.S.K.D.K.A.
International American Okinawa Seishinryoku Tai Chi Club.
Italian Self-Defense School.
World Martial Arts College.
Union International de Pancrace& Disciplines Assimilates.
International Combat Union.I.C.U.
International Combative Self-Defense Association.
Italy Representative Self-Defense:
World MartialArtsForum.W.M.F.
International Council of Headmaster &SokeshipRenmei.
World Organizer of Martial Arts.W.O.M.A.
International Council of Higher Martial Arts Education.
International Instructor Federation.I.I.F.
International Grandmasters Society.
World Head of Society.
Saudi Kendo &IaidoOrganization.W.O.M.A.
International Sifu Federation.
International Yp Man Martial Arts Sifu Council.
Martial Arts Association International.MAA-I.
Songchai Institute of Muaythai-Bangkok Boxing Stadium.
Kiyoukiyoku Bu-Do Team Saigo.
Hang Sheng Fa Association.

Official Representative &Member of the:

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34 thoughts on “Bullshido: Meet Gilberto Pauciullo, 10th Degree Black Belt Master In ‘Mexed Martial Arts’

  1. W.Sligar, Hanshi, J.D., GM

    I have studied traditional Okinawan Kara-te for 56 years. For this person to legitimately hold all the titles he claims he would have to be at lease 200 years old. He must be using that new make up that Cindy Crawford is advertising. Idiots like this are the reason so many people today don’t understand Kara-te Do.

  2. Michael

    I looked more into this and he does not exactly have all these ranks. He has been training for fifty six years and it seems is an influential figure in multiple international multi-martial art organizations. most of these degrees are honorary degrees from martial arts he has helped to organize and grow through these systems. a more accurate description of his considerable accomplishments can be found here http://www.maotw.com/gmg/m/manseerkung.html or here http://magazine.fighttimes.com/grandmaster-gilberto-pauciullo-world-man-seer-kung-pai-kung-fu-academy-confederation/

  3. Andrea

    I’m embarrassed, really. I’m Italian, we are trying to get credibility in MMA, and these freaks ruin it all… I’ve never heard of him. I’m in the martial arts since I was 11, and I’m 37yrs old now. He’s just like the infamous kiai master…they live in their world, they don’t compete, and more importantly, they get degrees and diplomas too easily. Fortunately internet exists, and we should be able to distinguish fighters and masters, from these others…

  4. Gimnasio Jose Coello

    buenos dias mi buen amigo y maestro gilberto,gozas de mi total respeto y admiracion, como maestro y tambien como una gran persona,estoy muy honrrado con su amistad, y es un verdadero honor ser su amigo, con todos mis respetos un fuerte abrazo fraternal y que dios te siga vendiciendo a ti y a todos tus seres queridos,OSS.

  5. Master Luca Narducci

    Be careful with criticism, instead to criticise Grand Master Pauciullo Gilberto better you people keep yourself informed and ask directly to him, G.M Gilberto Pauciullo I think Did not training in all those martial art but they are recognition given by other organizations to him. I know G.M. Pauciullo personally and for sure he is not the person you people think he is. Pauciulo is one of the few true Masters, very well known in China. The black belts above are recognition for his good work and many years in martial art

  6. Shifu Massimo Quintano

    Pauciullo Gilberto Is really good person that dedicate all entire life to martial arts =) then many people sent to him many certificates of honorem and him just uploaded those to make pleasure to these people that sent to him, but like him told me, he just dedicated his life to 3 martial arts not 4.000!! :D :D :D

  7. Shifu Massimo Quintano

    Pauciullo Gilberto Is really good person that dedicate all entire life to martial arts =) then many people sent to him many certificates of honorem and him just uploaded those to make pleasure to these people that sent to him, but like him told me, he just dedicated his life to 3 martial arts not 4.000!! :D :D :D

  8. Antonio Júnior

    What the fuck is this? In one life he conquered all these the 10th Dan? Are you a supersaiajin?

  9. GM Giorgio Cabboi

    buon giorno prof. gm. gilberto pauciullo spero che molto presto abbia almeno un giorno da dedicare al mio gruppo della wtka sarda saremmo onorati di averla in sardegna la sua vasta esperienza lei e leinciclopedia vivente delle arti marziali e sport da combattimento noi ti aspettiamo gm. fieri di essere tuoi studenti un abbraccio sincero

  10. Naser Hasanzaadeh

    سلام دکتر پست من اشکال پیداکرده …دلم برای شما ودوستان تنگ شده…درپست خوب شما امدم تادوستان پیام مراببینند وبامن ارتباط یرقرارنمایند…درحال رفع مشکل هستم….ممنون ازشما ودوستان عزیز….

  11. Terrence M. Shea

    An unearned rank, is a useless rank. Rank is earned not only by the recognition of others, but by mastering the art itself. That is why one is called Master. There is no other way to rank anyone. If he has not MASTERED that art, he is NOT any kind of master. HE may be a great martial artist, I have no experience in that personally, but to be called a Grand Master in any art he has NOT MASTERED, is false. Period!

  12. Terrence M. Shea

    Master Narducci, I will not denigrate GM Pauciullo's abilities as a martial artist, as I have never met him, nor have I seen demonstrations of his skill. This is not about that. It is about actually mastering all the arts he is claiming rank in. Giving rank because of attitude, likeability, anything but actual mastery from years of hard work, pain, and sacrifice, only lessens that man's image. Only one person holds a legitimate 12 degree in martial arts, who is still alive, Tak Kubota. Also, Al Thomas is one of only 3 people in the world who are considered PhDs in martial arts. Al is dead now, but his skill in all aspects of his art was unquestionable. He had studied for over 50 years. How old is GM Pauciullo? How long did it take him to reach rank in each art? If under 30 years, then he has not mastered the art. I have been in martial arts now for over 45 years. I hold black belts in 4 arts, including Jiu Jitsu (2nd degree), Kenpo (6th degree), TAI Martial Arts (8th degree), Tae Kwon Do (2nddegree), and have been an Iron Palm practitioner for over 20 years. I am considered a master in TAI as an 8th degree, but I have been doing it since 1975. These gratuitous ranks only hurt his credibility, and mean nothing in terms of his teaching and fighting ability. I do not mean to slander anyone, just pointing out the realities of our world.

  13. Master Luca Narducci


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